Network Troubleshooting

Autonomous computer network | Testing & reporting| Network security
Identify network faults and start resolving them is what we do best!

These days your business network can have different types of devices, such as smart phones, tablets, computers and laptops.  With the introduction of all these devices, keeping your computer/business network secure is challenging.

We can help segmenting your computer network and creating an Access list.  We can also identifying internal or external threats.  If an computer network audit is required, no problem. After the audit we will advise you of the steps that needs to be done to secure your business.

Of course, all these are not important until one day you get hack or your data get encrypted and your business is taken down for a ransom.


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Thank you very much for the superb IT support you offer us. I don’t think we would have a reliable terminal server without you.
Anastasia Dimitriou

Anastasia Dimitriou

Practice Manager, Mediclinic Clayton
We have always appreciated Hamun’s dedication to service and response. He has always been there when we have a tech question and support.
Denis Pagan

Denis Pagan

Director, Pagan Real Estate